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Oct 3, 2022

Use Case: Certificate Programs and Training Institutes

If you’ve been offering professional development trainings or certificate programs, you might be using a variety of different apps and platforms to administer and track your events.

Replace those apps with CE-Go, allowing you to keep your financials, learning metrics, and educational content all in one place.

Financial Tracking

When attendees register via your CE-Go generated landing page, payments for that event are processed and tracked so you can easily manage receipts, refunds, and payouts for your event. Additionally track payments on a global account level and generate payouts reports.

Content Management

Keep educational content organized on the Attendee Dashboard, so attendees can quickly access learning materials relevant to a particular day of training or session. Keep learners on track by hiding materials until the right time, and assess learning outcomes with quizzes.

Duplicate Events

If you’re running the same training several times, it’s easy to duplicate events and copy over your learning materials, educational content, and landing page settings. Simply update details such as the date and time, and you’re ready to open registration for the next training!

Ticket Types

Because different students have different needs, you can create different ticket types at a varied price points, and levels of access. Offer tickets with or without CE credits, and easily restrict access to certain days of training. 

Elevate your next event

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