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Mar 31, 2023

The Co-Sponsorship FAQ

The number one question we get from folks reaching out to CE-Go is, “I want to offer CE credits for a training I’m planning, how do I do that?”

To be able to offer CE credits to an audience of behavioral health professionals, there are two options:

  1. Procure your own credentials from various relevant national or state boards.
  2. Gain co-sponsorship with another organization that holds relevant approvals.
So what IS co-sponsorship? 

Co-sponsorship is the joint planning of a continuing education activity, where organizations collaborate to plan and execute high quality programs. This allows you to offer CE credits to your attendees. For organizations who would like to offer CE credits for their event, but do not have the requisite approvals to do so by themselves, co-sponsorship is a great option!

How do I find a co-sponsor?

Organizations might consider partnering with hospitals or other large healthcare organizations that have the approvals, or you can reach out to businesses who offer co-sponsorship services, like CE-Go! 

The benefits to working with CE-Go for co sponsorship is that we offer everything you need to plan, administer and offer CE credits for your training - all in one place! We offer branded landing and registration pages, automated email communications for attendees, integrated attendance tracking and more.

What do I need for co-sponsorship?

We make it easy for you to get started with our Co-Sponsorship Tool Kit

Co-sponsored organizations get a CE-Go account and a dedicated account manager to walk you through the process. The basic details needed for a CE event are: 

  • Event Name and Date
  • Description
  • Learning Objectives
  • References
  • Presenter Bio and CV or Resumé

Next, you’d create the event in your CE-Go account, and add the required details. Your event details will then be assigned to a member of our CE review team, who you can directly interact with via chat to ensure your content meets board requirements.

What types of CEs do you offer? 

CE Learning Systems (CE-Go’s parent company, and CE provider) is an approved provider of continuing education by the APA and NY behavioral health boards.  Standard co-sponsorship includes these approvals. NBCC approval can be added, subject to additional fees and constraints. 

Will all behavioral health state boards accept these CEs? 

Professional boards across different states vary in what they will accept. The APA approval will cover the widest number of professions, across the widest number of states. 

95% of our clients looking to capture a broad national audience utilize the APA and NY board approvals. If there are questions, we suggest prospective attendees reach out to their boards for clarification regarding whether the offered CEs will be accepted.

What happens once my event is reviewed?

Once approved, running your event is easy! Just share the generated landing page and let CE-Go do the work. Attendees can register and pay via the event landing page, and receive event related automated emails. After the event the CE-Go platform makes it easy for attendees to complete any required evaluations and distribute CE certificates via a personalized dashboard. The best part - these features are all included in the cost of co-sponsorship! 

Here at CE-Go, we are dedicated to removing barriers in event management, allowing you to focus on what matters: cultivating positive change through education and personal development.

Why should I choose CE-Go to co-sponsor my event?

CE-Go makes it easy to reach a national audience by offering CE credits, to automate time consuming tasks, and replace a variety of platforms and apps with just one system. If you’ve been thinking about offering CE credits but just didn’t know where to start, CE-Go has you covered with a dedicated account manager, and all the tools you need to make an accessible and rewarding experience for your attendees.

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