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Feb 21, 2024

Getting the Most out of Your CE-Go Account

A lot of our clients come to CE-Go for co-sponsorship or to quickly create and offer CE Events. It's a great way to use your account, but if you’re only working on creating events, you might be missing out on a host of great features designed to simplify your CE training program and make your life easier. Check out these top features, curated by our Account Management team, that you may not know about in your CE-Go account.

Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations or CFP feature isn’t just for conferences soliciting proposals. If you’re hosting an event, use the CFP to generate a link where your presenter can submit their presentation details, then quickly turn the submission into a Live Event in your CE-Go account. You can also add custom forms to ensure that your presenters are signing any disclosure or presenter agreements at the time of submission. Of course if you are hosting a conference, our updated CFP feature allows you to easily navigate all your submissions, create review forms and assign reviewers to keep track of your progress. Presenters can then track their submitted and approved presentations in their Member Account (more on that below!).

Course Portal

CE-Go Event Organizers have access to a Course Portal - a branded website where you can display all your self-paced courses and live events. Create course categories, highlight and feature Events or course instructors. Select your brand colors and customize your menus for a white labeled way to market and display your educational activities.

Member Accounts

Once you have your Course Portal set up, your attendees and registrants can log into their Member Accounts - an account just for your organization where users can easily access their Live Events or Self-Paced courses. Presenters using your CFP link can track their presentation submissions here as well. If your event is being co-sponsored, you can also use your Member Account to directly interact with our review team, for a transparent co-sponsorship review.

Customize your Attendee Dashboard

The Attendee Dashboard is the primary way you’re interacting with Attendees of your live events. Why not add Session Materials to distribute handouts or other relevant materials? Or have you considered adding your logo to or Customizing your Dashboard? If you're hosting a conference consider associating a sponsor with a session to show off their logo.

Whether you’re ready to optimize your training program using the Course Portal, or simply looking for small ways to create a more branded experience on the Attendee Dashboard, CE-Go has you covered! Make sure to ask your Account Manager how to take your CE-Go account to the next level.

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