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Oct 15, 2022

CE-Go Event Checklist

Congrats! You’ve connected with a presenter, found your audience, and set up your first event on the CE-Go platform. Your next step is to open registration and start sharing your CE-Go generated landing page. Before you do so we recommend reviewing your event set up one last time to verify all details are displayed as they should be, to ensure a successful training for attendees and event organizers alike.

We’ve created an easy to follow 5 item checklist to help you review your event set up: 

No. 1: Banking Details 

If you’re charging attendees a fee to attend your event, make sure you’ve added your banking details, allowing you to receive your registration fees. 

💡Reminder, the registration fees will be deposited into your bank account on a rolling basis, less 5% credit card processing fees via our partnered payment processor StripeConnect. 

No. 2: Attendee Certificates

After adding the educational content and event details, it's easy to overlook one of the most important parts of your event set up: The CE certificate.

  • Add your organization’s logo
  • Organization representatives signature and title you want to appear on the certificate
  • Add a Provider Approval Statements, so attendees have a CE certificate that meets their boards’ requirement

If CE-Go is cosponsoring your event, your Account Manager will assist in making sure the correct Provider Approval Statements are listed.

No. 3: Session Settings

If you are hosting a virtual event, make sure your each session’s virtual settings properly set up:

If your event includes sessions taking place in person:

No. 4: Email Sequences

Make sure your attendees have everything they need to successfully attend your event by adding Email Sequences. Emails should include access to the Attendee Dashboard, to ensure access to your event’s agenda, links to access virtual sessions, evaluations, and certificates.

As a rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to add the following Email Sequences:

  1. After Registration email, to serve as a confirmation of an attendee’s registration.
  2. At least two Prior to Event Start Date emails to remind attendees about the upcoming event.
  3. After Event email to remind attendees to complete evaluations, access their certificates, and any other important follow up information. 

No. 5: Landing Page

Your CE-Go generated Landing Page is the first point of contact for your event attendees. Check to make sure your logos and branding are uploaded, along with presenter photos to appear above their bios. 

If you’re hosting a conference or multi-session event, you can further customize your homepage by editing the overall event description, selecting presenters whose image you want displayed on the landing page, and adding a background or landing page header image.

You’ll want to also verify your coupons and tickets are set up correctly and displayed on your landing page as well.

Don’t forget to view your landing page and make sure everything looks correct.

Now you're ready to open registration!

Once you’ve double checked your event set up, and made any necessary adjustments you are ready to go! Start sharing the link to your CE-Go generated landing page on your website, marketing emails, or wherever else you anticipate attendee’s registering for your event.

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