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Oct 10, 2023

Within Health's Successful Events Hosting with CE-Go Platform


Within Health, a pioneering remote eating disorder treatment provider recognized the need and importance of cross-sector collaboration in driving change in mental and behavioral health. Within set out to create events to encourage continued education and collaboration between care providers and care communicators for a more inclusive clinical experience for everybody - everywhere. To achieve an event with such a wide range of participation, Within sought a robust platform to facilitate diverse remote events and courses. CE-Go emerged as the ideal partner, offering a user-friendly interface, comprehensive support, and seamless event management capabilities.


Within Health specializes in providing remote treatment for eating disorders. In its commitment to driving lasting change in mental and behavioral health, the organization turned to the CE-Go platform to facilitate hosting a range of remote events. These included Continuing Education (CE) courses, community engagement initiatives, the inaugural "Weight Stigma Awareness Week," and its annual  "Within Summit." These efforts underscored the importance of cross-sector collaboration in addressing critical health issues.


  1. Diverse Event Types: Within Health needed a platform capable of accommodating a wide variety of remote events, from CE courses requiring certification to collaborative community-focused gatherings and awareness campaigns.
  1. Complex Event Logistics: Hosting a 20-person Impact Council roundtable with breakout sessions and session recordings demanded meticulous logistics, necessitating a reliable platform.
  1. Brand Communications: Ensuring adherence to regulations and managing brand communications, along with facilitating easy email correspondence for CE courses and awareness campaigns, was imperative to maintain the organization's credibility, especially during campaigns against weight stigma.


CE-Go played a pivotal role in addressing Within Health's remote event management needs and supporting cross-sector collaboration:

  1. CE Course Approval: CE-Go streamlined the approval process for CE courses, ensuring attendees received the necessary Continuing Education Credits (CEs) and fostering collaboration between mental health professionals and other sectors.
  1. Logistical Excellence: CE-Go assisted in setting up critical logistical components such as landing pages, Zoom links, and registration processes, simplifying remote event hosting and encouraging cross-sector participation.
  1. Legal Assurance: CE-Go provided invaluable support in managing legal documentation for CE courses and awareness campaigns, alleviating administrative hurdles and fostering trust in cross-sector partnerships.
  1. Adaptability: CE-Go's flexible platform enabled Within Health to seamlessly host diverse remote events, including the influential Impact Council roundtable, Weight Stigma Awareness Week, and the Within Summit, amplifying their impact.


The collaboration between Within Health and CE-Go has yielded transformative outcomes, underscoring the power of cross-sector collaboration in mental and behavioral health:

  1. Successful Within Summit: The 2022 Within Summit, blending CE courses with cross-sector community engagement, amplified the message of mental health advocacy and the importance of collaboration.
  1. Effortless Roundtable Hosting: CE-Go's platform enabled the hosting of a 20-person Impact Council roundtable, fostering dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors.
  1. Weight Stigma Awareness Week: Within Health's campaign against weight stigma, facilitated by CE-Go, garnered significant attention in a very short amount of time. 
  1. Continued Growth: Within Health is poised to host its second annual Within Summit on October 10, 2023, World Mental Health Day, reinforcing its commitment to cross-sector collaboration, mental health advocacy, media literacy, and weight stigma awareness.


The partnership between Within Health and CE-Go exemplifies the profound impact that cross-sector collaboration can have on transforming mental and behavioral health. CE-Go's adaptable platform, logistical support, and commitment to legal compliance have empowered Within Health to host diverse remote events and foster collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors. This collaboration serves as a powerful example of how technology and cross-sector partnerships can drive positive change in the field of mental and behavioral health, ultimately improving the lives of individuals and communities while combating weight stigma and promoting mental health awareness through initiatives like Weight Stigma Awareness Week and the Within Summit.

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