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Nov 21, 2023

Conference Planning for Pros

Conference season is just around the corner! If you’re beginning to plan your annual conference, you’ll need an event management platform that handles a variety of tasks, such as conference proposals, attendee communications, and exhibitor features. While there are a lot of different apps and platforms to choose from, if your conference is offering CE credits, CE-Go offers a variety of features with CE compliance at the heart of it all. Here are our top features for conference planners

Dedicated Account Manager

The CE-Go team is dedicated to providing you with a stellar event experience. Conference organizers work with a designated Account Manager who assists with onboarding and the implementation of your conference. Having a regular point of contact with CE-Go ensures continuity of service and consistency of results. Your Account Manager will ensure you are familiar with the necessary tools to host a conference which meets your needs, and guide you through the co-sponsorship process if necessary,

Call for Presentations

If you are looking to add a variety of workshop offerings to your conference, make use of our Call for Presentations (CFP) feature. A CFP is often used by conference organizers as an invitation to presenters to submit proposed sessions for consideration. Presenters interested in showcasing their research can submit presentation proposals along, which can be assigned to reviewers to rate or score. Approved proposals can be migrated directly into your conference agenda. The CFP feature is also a great way to collect disclosure information, W9s, or other information by creating custom forms.

Custom Ticketing

Offering different ticket types can provide a tailor made experience for your conference attendees. Promotions such as early bird specials, group registration discounts, and tickets specifically for attendees seeking continuing education credits are all easily designed and presented using this platform feature. You can sort and group attendees by ticket type and assign them to specific conference sessions and workshops. For example, you can group students and early professionals into networking workshops, or allocate conference swag to your early bird registrants.

Virtual Exhibitor Hall

The Virtual Exhibitor Hall is the perfect way to showcase your sponsors and exhibitors. Designate space on your event landing page to highlight sponsor information, and create channels of communication between event organizers and exhibitors. Exhibitors can connect with attendees via virtual Exhibitor Booths, where they can upload content, provide meeting links, host giveaways and more.

Agenda and Room Management

Different conferences have different needs. CE-Go provides you with choices on how attendees get registered for your conference. Allow attendees to select all or their preferred sessions during the registration process, or allow attendees to decide which to attend on the day of the conference. You can exert more administrative control by manually setting your attendees’ agenda with pre-selected options for certain ticket types. For sessions with limited space, you can set room capacities so you’ll never be over extended.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance for virtual conferences has never been easier with our automated attendance tracking. Just set the minimum time requirement for each session and CE-Go will update attendance via our Zoom integration to ensure attendees who participate long enough receive their CE credits. For in person attendees, utilize our scanning feature to ensure you have a timestamp for each attendee, or allow attendees to self-report which sessions they attended. Of course you always have access to manually mark attendees present or absent.

If you’ve been using a variety of apps and platforms to manage your conference logistics, it’s time to streamline your event with CE-Go’s event management tools. For a customized event set up with compliance in mind, reach out to an account manager today!

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